Christian Bernutz

Camera Operator


Adaptable and enthusiastic, Christian is a Camera Operator able to draw on a wealth of experience and technical know-how.

Having spent the past decade as a Key Grip in the film and television industry, he continues to apply his expertise to specialist rigging challenges, including wire-cam installations, custom-built moving camera platforms, and the use of construction cranes for camera purposes.

As a designer and engineer Christian developed the Tubemount, one of the world’s most sophisticated helicopter rigs; and the Hurricane Wheels, the worlds first and unique geared-head camera operating simulator for developing and maintaining skills.

Since 2013 he has worked as Camera Operator with the X2-Ultimate Arm Car Crew based in Berlin for clients including Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai and more.

With a technician’s understanding of the practicalities and possibilities of most telescopic cranes, remote heads and stabilization systems, Christian is able to specify and operate the correct equipment for the job. He is particularly skilled in the use of motion control devices including Technodolly and MRMC Products.

Above all Christian is focussed on shot-making, whether aerial, on land, on or under water, and will always find the best solution to help realise your vision.

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